Transform the way
you do business online


Whether you are planning to establish a Marketplace, or you are already operating a Marketplace, Paragaia can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Setting up a digital Marketplace is a complex project that requires great commitment, both financially and in terms of time

We have divided our offer in three levels, to be able to meet you where you are at the moment - whether you have just started thinking about a new business model or if you are ready to seriously increase the pace of your existing platform business.


1. Evaluate

You have started the discussions about establishing a marketplace, but feel that you do not really have the foundation required to make a decision to move on. What are the advantages and challenges? How is your current business model affected?

Let us guide you. We have done this many times and have extensive experience of what it means to set up a marketplace. We come from a customer perspective as several of our employees have previously been on the customer side and seen from the inside how the project affects the daily work, what simple mistakes should be avoided and how you carry out your transformation in the smoothest possible way. Contact us today for a first free consultation.

2. Build

You've made up your mind. You will set up a Digital Marketplace. Maybe you have already chosen a technical platform, and are ready to implement it.

We have helped many customers set up their marketplaces. In addition to choosing a platform, there are many decisions to be made. Payment solutions, agreements, new roles and sometimes completely new teams to be set up.
During the Build-phase, we can contribute either with a complete marketplace team, including a Marketplace manager, Platform Architect, Seller Recruiters and Technical Onboarding Specialists. We work closely with your operations (sales, technology, etc.) and ensure that everything is set up in the best possible way according to your wishes. If you would rather be responsible for setting up your marketplace yourself, our experts can provide advice and support when ever you need the extra help.


3. Scale

Your marketplace is up and running and starting to pick up speed. Now is the time to really take advantage of the platform model and scale up the business properly!

Whether you are successful or not depends on how well you manage to scale up your business. Paragaia offers help with scaling up your business in several different ways.

Onboarding as a Service (OaaS)

Paragaia's Onboarding-team enables fast and efficient onboarding of new Sellers to your platform when you want to accelerate your business. The flexibility of buying Onboarding as a service means that you only pay per onboarded seller, instead of building your own onboarding team in-house.
We can also help you in the step before, with the recruiting of new Sellers /Suppliers to broaden your range. All Paragaia’s services are offered either as consulting, or "as a service" - where you pay a pre-determined rate per Seller.

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