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Marketpilot™ simplifies the everyday life for your marketplace team and automates your flows. The software is developed with the main focus on facilitating the daily collaboration between your marketplace team and your Sellers.

Based on Paragaia's experience of working with many marketplace operators over the years, we have identified the most time-consuming processes and automated them so that your team can focus on more qualified tasks. Get an updated overview of your business in real time, keep track of your agreements and improve the communication with your Sellers.
Marketpilot™ is a registrated trademark of PARAGAIA Consulting Group AB.

Marketpilot in a nutshell

Marketpilot™ works as the interface between the Marketplace Operator and your Partners. As it is a SaaS solution, it means that you are always on the most updated version with access to the latest updates. The customer base consists of marketplace operators who primarily run their marketplace on the Mirakl platform. This ensures a large user community with similar challenges and wishes that contributes to updates, new features and product development.



Enhance the branding experience with your graphic profile and color scheme.
With a simple customization tool you can easily get your own "look and feel" in the application so that your brand is highlighted in the right way also for your sellers.


  • Landing page for seller sign-up
    Create your own branded landing page and make it easier for new sellers to join your marketplace
  • Approval and creation of shops
    After your approval of sellers in MarketPilot the creation of each shop per currency is automated
  • Your own agreement and information about updates
    The Seller Agreement is stored in MarketPilot and is always available. Notifications regarding updates of the agreement is possible to manage in MarketPilot
  • KYC automation
    Collecting and distributing the necessary legal documents to the PSP is much simpler with MarketPilot. We make it easy for both you and the Seller
  • Onboarding Process Support
    The Seller can work together with you in MarketPilot. Everything in one place with full transparency and control
  • Learning Center
    Keep your tutorials, FAQ, tips, tricks and training videos all in one place
  • Price Management Tool for both operators and sellers
    Keep track of the prices on your marketplace and help Sellers to set the right prices based on data driven market insights
  • Sales data from different sources
    Give Sellers access to the data that you choose so that they can optimize their sales on the marketplace
  • News and informaton about commercial events
    Give Sellers information about your commercial planning so that they can sell together with you
  • Campaign Management Tool
    KLet the Sellers participate in your campaigns more efficiently without any telephone calls or manual work
  • Sales Support Chat and Ticketing
    Support Sellers efficiently with a ticketing system (e.g. Zendesk or Freshdesk) integrated with MarketPilot
  • Marketpilot

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